Good Neighbors Federal Credit Union (GNFCU) will be our answer to the lack of affordable community banking on Buffalo’s west side and Black Rock.

Not having a bank account is often extremely expensive for people on the west side and black rock because of the prohibitive costs of informal banking services.

In the place of fringe finance, we want to provide socially responsible community banking services to empower people on the west side.

At the moment, we already have preliminary approval from the 88365035National Credit Union Administration (NCUA). We are preparing our application to charter formally. The NCUA requires us to mention that until our charter application has been approved, we are not authorized to operate as a financial institution, and we do not have federal deposit insurance for any funds received. We are aiming to open our doors in late 2015.

We want to serve you, the people who live and work on Buffalo’s West Side and Black Rock. Tell us what you want in a financial institution, or get involved in other ways. Together we can help shape our community and bring affordable cooperative banking to the area.

Any donations toward our startup costs are very gratefully received via PayPal.